Meet Trinity


     Kristyn Taylor, known to many as Trinity or The Art Princess is a 26 year old Digital Artist, Mixed Media Artist and Painter. Born and raised in Southern California but moving frequently as a youth, from Cerritos to Carson and Long Beach to LA, Trinity often times felt that more than just one city was her home. Her diverse childhood experience allowed her to grow up knowing and learning many people, cultural backgrounds and beliefs that helped shape her own mind and art today.

     Trinity is a self-taught artist. She started her art journey at a young age. As a child she enjoyed drawing, writing, dancing and singing. She took a few art classes in college but mostly learned how to grow her talent by watching YouTube videos and working with other artists.

     The Art Princess' most used form of expression is through painting and digital art. Her work is a balance between the bright and colorful and the dark but inviting. Duality is a huge concept that Trinity includes in her art. Her work often times depicts universes that parallel human life. Many of her artworks are demon-like females or angels in worlds that blur the lines between heaven, hell and paradise.